UK investor benefits

Since investors in the UK were unable to use Wirex for a long period of time are the benefits of investing extended?


Seriously agree here. We were promised benefits and weren’t able to utilise any of them, not to mention WXT has tanked really hard since the investers bought in. The fact we were unable to get WXT from purchases (assuming you didn’t have almost a years expenses in your wirex account) is quite rough financially.

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You can use wirex now in UK, it is live for 3 weeks now maybe more, bought wxt and piling wxt through cashback as well.

We can use Wirex in the UK NOW. But investors were given a year of free cryptoback for buying in. For UK investors this was rendered useless for most of the year because they couldn’t use their accounts.

You are correct but wirex was suspended to comply with FCA guidance regulations on the long run it is massive positive step for wirex as it is for us users. Wxt is so cheap now i personally dont care about fees. Keep using wirex card earn cryptoback, profit on those in a year or two will be amazing. Wirex has so much to grow use this opportunity

Wirex will have a update for UK user. :heart: