Ukraine: transact to donate

Three months ago, Ukraine was invaded by Russia. Today, millions of people still need our help.

We decided to donate all of the revenue earned from in-app transactions to Ukraine humanitarian efforts on the 24th of each month while the conflict continues.

War affects the most vulnerable people in society. Our donations will go towards initiatives that support displaced families and provide them with crucial medical supplies.

The initiative raised over $10,000 last month, which was donated to Voices of Children, a charity that provides psychological and psychosocial support to children struggling to cope with war trauma.

This month, our proceeds will go to The Kyiv School of Economics Charitable Foundation (KSE CF), to help them purchase first aid kits for the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Paramedic Association.

To get involved, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Simply use the Wirex app as usual, whether that involves buying crypto or exchanging your currencies.

Step 2: We’ll then donate all revenue made during the 24 hours of the 24th.

Step 3: The money will reach Ukraine via our partner charity.

*Wirex Limited does not provide cryptocurrency services. Subject to Wirex T&Cs and Privacy Policy.

Why is there no „staking for humanity“?
Where the proceeds go directly to a relief fund.

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