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Hi, after resolving issues with verifying my address, I have now got a new matter. I do not have full access to the funds menu in my wirex account, after accepting a payment to be transferred to my Wirex account via my New Zealand West Pac Trust Bank Debit Plus Mastercard. The twenty dollar NZD payment had been paid to wirex and then it was refunded back to my account. Thank you for the honesty, however when I went back into to my wirex wallet to add funds to buy Wirex tokens i had been prompted again to pay a little over fourteen dollars to the same place and I did. An email had been sent to me within this time from wirex notifying me that my order had been cancelled and I would get a refund. I did not want the refund I really wanted to purchase my card with that funds and be able to have access to my account so was able to help a family member out who is overseas living at the moment if ever they needed the help amongst other reasons also. I’ve also spoke to my NZ bank and asked if they have blocked my card from being able to do these things as I became suspicious of my own bank as I never had problems using other online places with my debit plus card, not only that after making both payments to wirex from my online banking it clearly showed that both payments were withdrawn and refunded by wirex on my online bank statement but the next day that detail disappeared from my account and the balance was back to it’s normal balance like nothing was taken out or returned. I also got help from wirex support team and understand that everyone involved has been trying there best to resolve this matter. I dont know what is going on but I cannot link my debit plus Mastercard to my wirex account to purchase or to be able to transfer money to family members living overseas. Does anyone else have a problem like this? or have had one like this? How do I fix this. I have contacted my bank numerous times but they are adamant they are not the course of my problem. I have also contacted wirex to ask of they can help solve my card verification problem so I can move to the next stage of ordering my wirex card. It’s been almost a month now since trying to solve this problem. I hope theres someone that can help.
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