Unable to exchange WXT

I would like to exchange WXT, system only allow exchange 37K WXT to HKD, but my account has more than 50K WXT.


I have had the same issue for a month ticket number (311884)

I have been told it is a cache problem but I’ve done everything deleted the app etc tried using another device. But still not working :disappointed:

I guess the exchange rule is recently renewed and for crypto to fiat exchange, it only allows approx 500 USD or equivalent currency each time and exchange fee is applied. I think many wirex people want to know what the new rules are and seems the help pages are inadequate to tell or CS team may not know much or they may take time to investigate internally.


I thought this may be the case but I have been able to put 3k into waves and 3k into ETHEREUM but no Wirex Token or Bitcoin for some weird reason…

same problems

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Why is there no response from Wirex

You will need to include them with @Ali_Wirex @Inna_Wirex
And they will sort you out.

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Hopefully… I have waited about a month now with no useful reply at all

Hello @simoms, I am sincerely sorry for your unpleasant experience.

Could you please provide us with the reference ticket number? We will be glad to escalate this for you.

Thank you in advance!

I have put a ticket number in for 2 separate issues I have been waiting about 3 weeks now.

Ticket no. (311884)

Hello @henrylavery101, I am sincerely sorry for the delayed response.

I have escalated your case to our Support team, they will update you via the ticket shortly.

Best regards!

Same here

Hi there!

Let me kindly inform you that I’ve double-checked the issue with WXT exchanges with the relevant department.
Please be informed that the maximum transaction amount for exchange crypto → fiat, crypto → crypto is 500 USD.
You can find this information on the following link: Wirex cryptocurrency account limits


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I understand this. However its the same for converting bitcoin. It says the limit is 36000 but I can even put £100 into the currency

Hello @henrylavery101,

I have forwarded your request to the Support Team. They will contact you shortly.



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