Unable to make crypto transfer to any wallet at any time in days

Hello our dear @moderators please help him to chase the ticket :heart:

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Hi @shivam20, we are sorry for your unpleasant experience. The Support Team will contact you as soon as possible. Regards!

Hello thanks for your time but i would like to tell you that my query wasn’t resolved and I’m getting the same reply from the team . Here is the reply
Hello Shivam,

Thank you for getting back to us.

As it was mentioned previously, we are obliged to review all transactions and are sometimes unable to process transfers to certain wallets due to applicable legislation. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any additional information about this at this time.

Please try to use another external wallet.

Best regards,

My problem is that I’m not able to do any transaction I’ve tried WXT,LTC and XRP and not only a single wallet but different wallets also I’ve tried to transfer to my friend’s wirex account but still it’s giving a error which I’ve mentioned earlier in the post . Can you please tell me why only my accounts transactions are failed again and again . And I’m just stuck here from 14 days now? And the support didn’t help me anyways they just tell me can’t provide more information on this . But this isn’t a valid reply right? If I’m getting this issue whom should i tell and seek a solution that’s why writing here on community forum. I hope my problems are looked after.


I am also not allowed to transfer anything anywhere, the button isnt even clickable. Youg guys are holding my funds hostage wtf kinda BS is this!?!?!?

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So they informed me that they do not allow USA customers to transfer any crypto currency at this time and are working to change that but they could not even give me an idea of when that might be, this goes for my FIAT money as well, cant even send it to other users of wirex… This is some seriously FALSE ADVERTISEMENT… The support claims they arent in the wrong, but what do you call it when an app heavily promotes/markets the ability to buy sell and send cryptocurrency, and/or fiat money with ease, for USA customers… but in actuality the app will only take money from your bank account with ease, and give you no way to use it because none of the essential features actually work for you because you are a US citizen. So you see a number on your screen, but they wont allow sending or spending by you, for the foreseeable, potentially infinite future…they cant even provide the comfort of a date when i will be able to send my money…THANKS FOR TAKING MY MONEY AND NOT LETTING ME USE IT, REALLY WISH YOUR ADVERTISED SERVICES WORKED AS YOU SAY THEY DO…

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To be fair, they said once my debit card arrives I should be able to withdraw the fiat from an ATM … It still is NOT okay that this is the onlt potential solution for me in the future… WHY WAS I ADVERTISED A FULLY FEATURED APP WITH NO FEATURES FOR ME TO ACTUALLY USE IT.

Hi @shivam20, we are really sorry for your unpleasant experience. Unfortunately, we cannot provide more information on this issue. Please follow the advice of our Support team.

Hello @ghxstey, we are really sorry for this impression. We are working to implement this feature as soon as possible, you can also send fiat funds to your contacts. Regards!

Ticket 1164546

You have allowed me to add money, $100+, and now are holding funds hostage for no reason and will not reply. The chat feature in app is broken and cant talk to human, there is no number to call, I am afraid you guys have taken me for my money because i cannot transfer any currency anywhere, nor can I edit my address book.

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Please help me remedy this situation, feels like my funds are being held hostage.

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Hi @ghxstey :sun_with_face:

Sorry to hear about the issues you have been having, have you made sure you app is up-to-date as you state that the chat feature in app seems broken?

Well, no worries you are in the right place as our team will give you an update on this as soon as possible.

Kind regards!

Yes, I dont know whay you would ask those questions since you are already aware you do not allow any external transfers for US Customers… I was misled into putting money in this app and my funds in your custody because NOWWWWWW you tell me ita unusable for the foreseeable future…The promo materials that I clicked on promising me I could use my money with fiat or crypto transfers was a TOTAL LIE…

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THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS. The practices used by Wirex to get me to not only sign up, but
also to trust them with my money, should Be Illegal.

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Actually, I am unable to send fiat money to my contacts, also my contact list doesnt let me add any people beyond the one person that is imported into it. MY MONEY IS UNUSABLE NOW, WITH THIS BEING THE CASE FOR AN INDEFINITE AMOUNT OF TIME

so this is the solution you guys are providing me ? i have contacted the support team and no one gives me a firm solution on this . my funds are stuck from more than two weeks now . and the only reply i get is we cant provide you with more information , is this the advice you are telling me to follow? this isnt the solution and i am just stuck from two weeks now . its like you guys are telling me to follow the support advice and the support itself is helpless telling me we cant provide you with further solution .this is so frustrating and still i dont know when my problem will be solved

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4 days and still no reply from any moderators

@Palangs04 please help me out i am not getting a sinle reply and still my funds are stuck . i cant do a single transaction from my account every transaction is getting failed and i have tried a lot of different addresses but none works . its been more than 15 days now i am here with no solution .

Please wirex I really need help,my transaction is pending for 5 days .I send XRP to an external wallet and it’s still pending.i can’t pay my bills and my kids are starving, please someone to help me now…am depressed I don’t know the solution for it please
I create ticket for pending transaction

I have this problem also, help me pleaseeee

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Hi @shivam20, unfortunately, there is no additional information on your case. Kind regards!