Unable to make crypto transfer to any wallet at any time in days

Hi @Mercy1, we have forwarded this issue to the Support team, they will assist you.

Hi @Mekera, the Support team has replied to your ticket already, please check your mailbox. Regards!

hello yulia.
What day of the year will they solve my problem? 3 weeks ago I can’t withdraw and there are already 15 withdrawals rejected.

What is with the crypto wallets and still cant transfer any digital currency to an external wallet? why is it still disabled? Its so annoying not being able to send/receive crypto. This is literally the main feature of why i signed up and it feels like your just doing nothing about it. Do you not see your advertisements claiming this very feature is up and running and you glorify it as if wirex is gods gift to crypto, yet your barely fully functional.

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I’m really sorry, please don’t get mad. It will fix soon. We appreciate your understanding and kindness :blush:

Have a lovely day.

Hi @Andrea2, we are really sorry for your unpleasant experience. Unfortunately, we cannot provide more information on this issue. Please follow the advice of our Support team.

Hi @sasson79, unfortunately, crypto transfers are not available in your region yet. Rest assured, we are working to implement it at the nearest time. Regards!

I have the same issue, did you get it resolved ?

Nope. Still waiting.

Its quite ridiculous, we need to get the word out.

They haven’t enabled this feature for the u.s. region is what I was told. Any type of time line would be nice to know but no one seems to know either .

That is the answer I got also. My problem is they did not bring enough attention to this point. I put 150 usd into my account to try it out. I always make sure to read the T&C. They pretty much trapped our money for a certain amount of time.

Ya. I did the same thing . I ended up just transferring it to the card and used it that way.

So you were able to use the currency when you got the card ? Well atleast that’s a little relief.

@Joe_Pollock Please provide your ticket number so that we could check it with our Support team. Kind regards!

@sasson79 The issue has been forwarded to our Support team. Please, note that you will be updated via email as soon as possible.

Kind regards!

Mt support ticket has already been answered, thank you. I know it’s not your fault however the way your company does business isn’t very professional. Ive read numerous complaints on here and elsewhere across the internet. All these features that are not yet up and running should be exuberantly highlighted before a user from the United states signs up. Let them be aware that their funds will be trapped untill they get a card. Personally I didn’t want a card , I signed up for crypto.


Great. Thank you

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Well consider this and more fast react on concerns.

I’m unable to transfer to external wallet either - it’s telling me the address does not look right, but I have used multiple addresses and also scanned the QR codes

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