Unable to transfer to my bank account

Why is the facility to withdraw fiat currency to a bank account disabled in my app?

I see many customers making the same or similar comments… message telling us this service is temporarily disabled yet has been like this for months.

It seems the only way to use your Crypto in Wirex is to spend on your card or withdraw with limitations from an ATM.

You will notice I have moved most of my crypto to other providers with whom I can move money easily to my FIAT accounts.

I have spent most my Euro balance off my Wirex card, and at the moment and I am only holding XRP in the accounts.

I want to know that should I need to, I will be able to quickly move Crypto, to FIAT currency and be able to transfer to my bank account.

Until this service is reinstalled and available, I will not be depositing any more funds with Wirex, and if there is no change in the next two weeks, I will move all my remaining Crypto to another provider.

Your service is setting off alarm bells and red flags everywhere.

Kind regards. Allan Mclean.


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