Unboxing Wirex Payment Card

That feeling when you #unbox your new Wirex Payment Card :heart_eyes:
This one is for the #ASMR community :loud_sound:


That looks nice and that’s how I’ve got the card too, it looked awesome.

But my friends who I have invited did get a completely redesigned card.
Major disappointment, no unboxing anymore and the new card looks like a hotelkey to my opinion.

Google for new Wirex card 3.0 and you will see.

Edit; I just realise the post is from 2018, sorry Wirex but the new card is horrible to my opinion and no improvement to this great company. Hopefully you change your mind fast. I’m very happy with your services and that’s why I recommended my friends.

Can you imagine the disappointment when they got their card?

Yes it’s disapointing the new cards no longer come in a stylish box, instead they just come attached to like a cheap paper leaflet.

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