Undergoing maintenance

Hello iam trying to access my wirex app and it is saying it is undergoing maintenance works?
When will this be back to normal.


I also want to know. Im waiting. How long It will take. One hour?

Since the site has started to undergo maintenance I have lost all my funds in my litecoin account. I tried to transfer it last night but it failed multiple times. Now I have returned to the app to try again and the app is under maintance and all my funds are missing. This is extremely unacceptable. I am extremely angry. I need my funds back ASAP. Please respond. (1756349) ticket number.

Hi i have sent, nearly £5000 to my wirex bitcoin wallet from my blockchain. The transaction is now confirmed on blockchain and also shows up on my transaction history on wirex but doesn’t show up on my balance. Maybe because you guys are doing maintenance. I have never had to wait this long or had a issue before like this. Please sort this out and deposit my funds. I use wirex regularly, this shouldn’t be happening. My ticket number is 1756294

Hopefully it will go back up soon. I also use the card regularly.

Well clearly crypto wallets don’t work fine as my btc is not showing up yet on my balance :L @opmiami

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I’m seeing the same message in the app and on the website. All transactions done yesterday are missing on my app.

I assume it’s loading from a cache and not able to communicate to the back end at all. Will just have to wait. This seems to be unscheduled maintenance aka, the system is down.

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@Lucianojones I also have BTC but so far I´m not able to log in.

I have seen maintenance before but late at night or they send emails in advance.

@Jenny_Wirex could you elaborate on this?

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Yeah literally seems so, kind of annoying. But what can you do, hopefully they resolve it fast enough.

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it would be customer friendly if they give at least an update of what is going on and how long it takes. They find the time to place messages on facebook why dont take the time to inform customers.


@AnitaN @Lucianojones @Armexxd @alwyn @Chronic @Carlesta_Staal

I’m curious to know if any of you is considering or have a either a cold or hot wallet to keep your BTC.

@Anastasiia_Wirex How long is this roughly going to take for a fix?

Coinbase also went down the other day as BTC price kept increasing.


I have both

Please answer us. Whats going on with our money? How long this will take? What is the problem and when we will have access to our accounts?

@B353N @Armexxd @Lucianojones @AnitaN @alwyn @Chronic @Carlesta_Staal

Hey guys, just so you know is back up now and I was able to log in. I was also able to see that my funds were ok.

Take a look and let us know on your side.

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which one you advice to get?

Thank buddy, i’m able to log in. But my money transfer is not there :frowning:


Without the possibility of sending funds or topping up your card.