Unreflected transactions

Hi, I think there is a problem in the app. I have sent Bitcoin to a Bitcoin wallet and the transaction arrives but it is not reflected in the activity part of both the sender and the receiver. That can lead to confusion that Bitcoins have not been sent. Can you please fix that and bring it up?

Edit: Right now I have received one of the transactions I made this morning. A little late right?!

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I have transferred bitcoin. It is out of my account but nothing received yet. This has been over 2 hours

I’m noticing something similar since last night. My card payment isn’t reflected anywhere. The correct amount was deducted from my EUR account, but I can’t see the transaction. Same applies for incoming money. My EUR account was topped up correctly, but yet again the whole transaction isn’t reflected anywhere. This is the same in the app and desktop version. A possible bug?

EDIT: it not only affects the EUR account. Just had the same with LTC account now. I assume it’s a general problem with all external in- and outgoing transfers at the moment. Everything is booked correctly, but the actions are not visible anywhere

Hi @Unika,

Please accept our sincere apologies for your experience. The issue with unreflected transition history should be resolved now.

I can see, that all the transfers were successful on our side.

Thank you for understanding!

Hi @Vydah_B,

I can see, that your issue has already been resolved. Let us know via the support ticket if it’s not true.

Best wishes!

Hi @AlexShire,

I can see, that my colleague is already looking into your case. We will contact you shortly.

Bets wishes!

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Hi, yes the issue has successfully been resolved. Thank you very much to your efficient team/staff

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