Unsuccessful log in with 2nd device

Hi guys

Does anyone have this issue ?

Hey @Jghnk thanks for coming to our community forum. If you are having any issues with logging into your app, please first try:

  1. make sure that you are running the latest version on your phone
  2. Log out completely and back in
  3. Completely remove the app from your phone and re-install to make sure it is the latest version.

If none of the above works then pelase create a support ticket here…

Or if you have already created a support ticket. Please send your ticket reference number to our dedicated support channel here on the forum…

Our Customer Support team run that channel and an assist you directly.

Thank you

Hi Ali

Do I have to log out my device one ?
Wot if it will never log in again
R u sure logging out from device 1 is a must action ?

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Yes please log out. And update your apps.

But the other Wirex users said no need to sign out for other device
They have no problem with other device log in

Personally, I have uninstalled and re-installed the app as well as logged out and back in on several occasions and I have not had any issues. However, if you think it could be something else and don’t want to take those steps then please create a support ticket so that our customer support team can assist you directly.

Thank you

Hi Ali
My problem has been solved
Support team reset my ac
And both devices are working now
Thanks for the advice anyway


Oh great to hear. Feel free to message us anytime.