Update from Wirex CEO, Pavel Matveev

To the thousands of people around the world, Fintech took a backward step today. As CEO and co-founder of Wirex, I feel for those who have been affected.

To be clear - no Wirex customers using our European (EEA) card will be in any way affected by the recent Wirecard announcement. A very small number whose cards are issued by Wirecard will be notified of immediate steps to support them- but their funds will not be affected either.

We value our customer’s privacy and financial security, and so we are constantly monitoring the situation, and would like to reiterate that no funds are at risk for any Wirex customers.


hello, thank you for the news;
can we have more explanation please? i thinked Wirex cards are from Wirecard in partnership with Visa ?

Здравствуйте уважаемый Павел,
технические проблемы вызванные банротсвом Wirecard решаемы и это можно сделать быстро!
С уважением,Иварс

My money has disappeared for the past 35 days now . All i get is i will be contacted and so far i am still waiting for my money to be sent back to me. If you are saying our money is safe why haven’t i received a response so far on why my account and card was blocked without prior notice. I have complained here and on email and all i keep getting is my case has been escalated to the highest priority yet its been a month and a week and nothing yet. How do you guys sleep at night ?

26 days without access to my account, £2k missing, wirex not responding. Do not use wirex

Pavel, so what happened!!?? ouch! Not a good sign for US opening up anytime soon. We had/have high hopes! What a bummer. Am perplexed!

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I’ve been thinking about it these days and I’m really happy that our cards have nothing to do with Wirecard. As for me, I can only be happy to use Wirex. It’s true, sometimes it happens that you have to wait a few days to get an answer, but so far all my problems have always been solved (I have been using wirex since 01-2019). The app can certainly be improved especially with regards to deposits “arrived” but not accredited (Have to wait a couple of days usually), or the possibility of having a statement available. Anyway I wish the best for Wirex

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it looks like a clickbait, i thought the guy had died… jesus…

why the Support wirex no working? , I’m waiting for three days, the answer to my request to change my home address and my phone number, and why was my card also closed? expires until 2022, I also have my account verified.


Hi there, sorry to hear that. Please can share you support ticket reference number so I can chase this with the support team for you. We also have a dedicated page out community forum that is answered directly by our support team. You can find it here… https://community.wirexapp.com/c/support-resources/23

Alternatively, you can login via a desktop and chat with our support team directly via the Live Chat feature. Thanks so much.

**UPDATE - I have your support ticket number and I have passed it on to the team for you now.

Hi there, please can you send me a private message and tell me what the issue is along with your support ticket? I can then pass it on to the support team. Or you can chat to them directly via the dedicated Support channel on this community forum. Thank you

Ok! I’m waiting for the answer

I have been unable to use my USD Wirex card for 4 DAYS now. Tech support are useless. Is Wirex USA down or not?

Ticket # 1486650