Update from Wirex CEO, Pavel Matveev

it looks like a clickbait, i thought the guy had died… jesus…

why the Support wirex no working? , I’m waiting for three days, the answer to my request to change my home address and my phone number, and why was my card also closed? expires until 2022, I also have my account verified.


Hi there, sorry to hear that. Please can share you support ticket reference number so I can chase this with the support team for you. We also have a dedicated page out community forum that is answered directly by our support team. You can find it here… https://community.wirexapp.com/c/support-resources/23

Alternatively, you can login via a desktop and chat with our support team directly via the Live Chat feature. Thanks so much.

**UPDATE - I have your support ticket number and I have passed it on to the team for you now.


Hi there, please can you send me a private message and tell me what the issue is along with your support ticket? I can then pass it on to the support team. Or you can chat to them directly via the dedicated Support channel on this community forum. Thank you

Ok! I’m waiting for the answer

I have been unable to use my USD Wirex card for 4 DAYS now. Tech support are useless. Is Wirex USA down or not?

Ticket # 1486650

Tengo problemas para entrar en mi cuenta me pueden ayudar por favor llevo más de 3 semanas y no tengo soluciones

Wirex always respond to me within an hour. My experience has been very positive. You just have to be patient and they’ll help out.

We are in the middle of a Covid 19 outbreak at the moment. Surely you have to understand Wirex are doing all they can to reassure customers?? They’re really helpful you just have to be patient

Yo solo puedo decir cosas buenas de wirex hasta ahora, ágil y muy practica por la rapidez en los cambios de monedas. Y recientemente he visto que ha firmado un acuerdo para sus tarjetas con mastercar. Eso es sin duda una magnifica noticia.

Pd. por cierto como y donde consigo las 250 libras en WXT

Hi there Mr CEO. There was a botched transaction with my XRP. Nobody knows why not happened all it was mentioned by your staff was that it was a technical problem and they will refund the XRP within 7days. It’s been 2 weeks and no refund and I am losing profits. So how is this the support you promise your valuable customers?

Hello CEO
I dont know why my card is not working on ATM and i have been sending mails but no reply yet and i cant use my card

Same here but they already replied for me. They have to check it with they bank as i remember. Are from Hungary also?

Yes but i live in UK

Nekem par napon belul irtak vissza. De allitolag nem naluk van a bibi, hanem a bankuknal. Szoval most onnan varjak a valaszt es amint lesz valami fejlemeny irni fognak. ATM-el nem probalkoztam, de minden fizetesnel el lett utasitva a kartya. Szerintem ugyan az a issue.

igen én is ugyanaz. A tegnap indultam

Sorry did u chat them up or u sent a mail ? I have write to them on my app but i don’t know if they work weekends

Hi there, Please can you send your support ticket to either the support channel here on the forum or send it to this email address supportescalations@wirexapp.com, which is our dedicated team for fast-tracking tickets. Thank you

I don’t have any ticket but i have sent you guys like 5 mails but you guys have not reply

I went to the help center and choose a personal question. Than they reply me in 1 day. Hope it helps.