Update from Wirex CEO, Pavel Matveev

Yes but i live in UK

Nekem par napon belul irtak vissza. De allitolag nem naluk van a bibi, hanem a bankuknal. Szoval most onnan varjak a valaszt es amint lesz valami fejlemeny irni fognak. ATM-el nem probalkoztam, de minden fizetesnel el lett utasitva a kartya. Szerintem ugyan az a issue.

igen én is ugyanaz. A tegnap indultam

Sorry did u chat them up or u sent a mail ? I have write to them on my app but i don’t know if they work weekends

Hi there, Please can you send your support ticket to either the support channel here on the forum or send it to this email address supportescalations@wirexapp.com, which is our dedicated team for fast-tracking tickets. Thank you

I don’t have any ticket but i have sent you guys like 5 mails but you guys have not reply

I went to the help center and choose a personal question. Than they reply me in 1 day. Hope it helps.