Update referral program

Basically you dont know nothing about who joined with your link, did he verified him/herself, did they order card… None of that. I know its probably hard to be done, but i have seen it in other fintech digial wallets.

This information can make me stimulate my referral to continue the onboarding process, cause i will know where in the steps is he/she. When i get referral bonus, its not even written that its referral bonus. Im guessing only by the amount ot wxt… thats how i know.

That way it will me much more motivational for me to spread the word about Wirex.
Also it would be much more transparent, and trust and transparency is mandatory these days.

Hopefully WIREX knows all that and its making updates on the referral program. I would be very happy to hear ( read ) that from someone on the team.

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Hello there @tastymfbg , thank you for your feedback, really appreciate it! I will pass this with the team. Thanks for your sharing :grinning:


Hi @tastymfbg :wave:

It’s a great idea. I am sure that if it is chosen, the Wirex development team will put it in place easily :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Would love to have this update.

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