Updated version of Wirex on mobile

Hello :wave:
How do I get back to the home page- total balance- on the updated mobile app?

Otherwise great Wirex. Positive forward :four_leaf_clover:


click on the arrow sir right on total balance you will see it


Yes, but I have stayed on the Cardano-ADA account and I do not have the option to return to total accaunt :man_shrugging:
I tried everything … even logging out and logging back brings me back to Cardano account :man_shrugging:
I have been a user for a long time and so far I have known :blush::four_leaf_clover:

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Even tapping the dashboard does not respond … :man_shrugging:

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My ticket number (790849) for the support team.
Positive forward🍀

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Hello there , Pls Write here sir.

Also the team will catch you up.

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The new update is horrible. I don’t want WXT taking the place of where my crypto widgets used to be. Please give us an option instead of forcing us to look at WXT


Hello there @BCS75LOVEnija2021 , sorry for the late reply. I will flag the ticket number with the support team. Thank you and please keep me posted.


Hello …
unfortunately I still have no solution and no answer :thinking:
I would like to see my main page again- total balance- on the Wirex application :pray:
My wife has a similar problem.
Greetings :four_leaf_clover:

Hello there @BCS75LOVEnija2021 , I’m really sorry that you are experiencing this delay. Let me chase it up for you again. Please keep me posted and let me know if you need more assistance. Thank you!

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Hello :wave:
yes, I have a solution now. I can put Total Balance on my computer … and only then log in to my mobile phone to see Total Balance.
Unfortunately, on the mobile phone there is no arrow on the right in the other wallets, to return to Total Balance

Positive greetings :four_leaf_clover: