Upgraded to premium without asking for it

I received an email on 12 March 2021 stating my subscription is upgraded to Premium. The email also states that it is free for a year starting 12 March 2021. When I see in my account a subscription fee of 9,999 WXT is showing up with a status of Failed.

This is not good user experience. I never asked for Premium subscription. Even if it is provided complimentary free for a year why an attempt was made to take the subscription fee?

I want to downgrade my subscription to STANDARD (Free Subscription). Two days after receiving this email, i.e., on 14 March (within 14 day Cooling Off Period) I wrote an email to supportescalations@wirexapp.com asking to downgrade. I’ve been chasing on chats and sent multiple emails since then but no reply.

Downgrade my account to STANDARD plan immediately.

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