(Urgent) Did I get hacked?

I am not in Australia, and this is +61. What can I do?


Try used other fiat sir.

I said I am not in Australia.
I didn’t purchase this.

Yes i had friends that tried hack my card but my eur balance is ever low and all crypro wallet not linked to card …

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Hi @Danny_Kam I suggest You to block the card in app so any attempt fails in the future and contact support here: Wirex | Making currencies equal and available to everyone Or you can login via a desktop and talk to Wirex’s support team via their Live Chat feature.
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@Danny_Kam The issue has been forwarded to our Support team. Please, note that you will be updated via email as soon as possible.

Kind regards!

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Thanks you for your response. I have freezed my card now.

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I am very sorry to hear this, yes indeed there may be bad news for your card and your balances.

According to the security measures, this is exactly the right thing to do to block the card, which you were able to do!

If you ever decide to unlock the card one day after your new connection attempt, it is strongly recommended that you wait 10 minutes to reactivate it again.

I will give you the official Wirex support link for more information:

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