Useful Wirex's Live Exchange Rates - Crypto & Fiat currencies


yes where has this page gone?

Hi @gabgab. Unfortunately, it is not available any more for now.

Please, get back to us in case you need any further assistance.

Kind regards!

well, yes and i was quite surprised about that as it adds transparency to the platform as a whole. i sent couple of support messages as i’d like to have a reference % FX for my own knowledge if possible.

thank you,

Hello @gabgab, our Support team will assist you on this matter at the nearest time. Regards!

look, i just had a very long exchange with your twitter support that doesn’t seem to know my simple questions:

  • they don’t want to tell me what is wirex’s % when you convert btc to eur, i calculated myself and it seems to be 1.75%, IS THIS CORRECT OR NOT? simple answer YES OR NOT.

SECOND QUESTION IS: - do you use live BTC rates that i can see on at any given point in time? i need to know BEFORE i send BTC from my wallet (not wirex wallet, i don’t hold funds there all the time), how much BTC i need to transfer. can you answer me in the order i specified to these questions? ONE and TWO please?

there are 2 bottleneck when i send BTC from my wallet to wirex for card use:

ONE, from my wallet to wirex’s BTC account - WHAT IS BTC FX you use?

TWO, from wirex’s BTC account to wirex’s EUR balance - WHAT IS THE % you use

i don’t care if you have a hidden fee, i want to know because i need a certain amount of funds transferred.

and since you killed the LIVE RATES page, i don’t know this info anymore. is this clear or not now?

thank you very much

Hello @gabgab, as we can see, the Support team has contacted you, please wait and our agent will reply to your message. Regards!