User tutorial & advanced user tutorials

Hi…where do we fond the user tutorial & advanced user tutorials please? I’ve searched using the :mag: but cannot locate any…

Many thanks :pray:t5:

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Hi there, what in particular do you need help with? Is this in regards to what you private messaged me?


Hi Ali…yes please; ‘user tutorial & advanced user tutorials’ where to find them? thank You

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Hi @verticaltrading I just got certified through what I think is the basic tutorial.

You need to reply to the messages from @wirexbot in your inbox.

I’m not yet sure about the advanced tutorial.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @wirexbot display help.


Thank You…have replied as suggested; let’s see! Cheers


Let me know if you figure out the advanced tutorial. Cheers.


OK…will do, cheers

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G’day AdWev…nothing heard yet??

Hey, I noticed it was listed in the badges section. But it is greyed out, maybe we need to complete all the basic badge levels first. :man_shrugging:

Sorry, I’ll keep trying.

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Ok, last time I tried asking WirexBot for help something went screwy.

Wel, now it worked today.

Send a message with ‘display help’.

And then type ‘start advanced tutorial’

Sorted. I’m now certified. :grin:

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Thanks Mate, that is not what I get…I got this:

That’s it. The last sentence is an instruction, do it and you’ll get the next…

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I did exactly that…but didn’t get any course??

Hello ali i need to talk to urgently! thanks

Hi there Nico, what seems to be the issue?

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I sent the documents and the pay slip, no one answers, you can’t be treated like this after years! I need to log into my account and card

Hi Nico, I’ve seen the message on the social channel. I will chase the ticket number with the team for you. We will get this resolved.

Thank you


1574874 My ticket Number , My email

Yes I have the information from your Instagram message. I have already sent it to the support team. Also you can chat directly to the support team in the community channel - support section here…

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