Verification delays

Hello im seeing alot of people having verification delays,ive not had no problems with wirex until this one, i just paid for my car finance which was £3000 and after i made the payment it asked me for further verification, if i knew these kind of issues will arise from payments i will just use my other bank accounts to make payments and not wirex, its been over 24 hours and i cant use my monies or transfer, my rent is due in two days and i need to pay from wirex as my money is there. Im seeing people have been waiting for months and no solution why cant this be sorted out asap, this is not a good look for wirex and stuff like this will make people close their account and not use wirex and use other apps/banks


It is a start up project. I started slow and still I’m afraid to deposit more than 100GBP as I had a similar issue where my funds were in the limbo for a few hours. Cash back is not that great either. Unless BTC goes to 1M some day, it is best to get your tesco cashback.

Definitely not freezing the required Amount for higher cashback for now.