Verification process isn’t functioning properly

My account still can’t be used due to still not being verified. I long ago verified my account and I’m still waiting, I’ve reached out to the chat and they were no help at all. When signing up with Wirex I was expecting to have an account with full access to all available features. My ticket number is #1626146, if this issues can be escalated with top priority to provide better service to myself. Thanks.

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hi you get a reply once team have an update to your concern !

Please and thanks

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Do you have any idea how long it will be before someone from the team reaches out to me?

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I’m so sorry but we don’t know the exact date and time. But I assure you that they will contact you once it’s done.

Thank you for the patience.
Godbless :innocent:

I have been long past the 24hrs for my account to become verified, I have reached out to the chat support and still nothing. I would like my account to be verified so that I can use it and all of its features. My support ticket number is 1626146, please rectify this issue.

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@Katari_Jack We have forwarded this inquiry to our Verification team. You will be contacted by them via email. Thank you for your patience. We hope for a quick resolution of your case.

Im having lots of problems whenever I try qnd put in my phone number to get verified before i can receive my code it seems to change the country im from then when i recive the code its no longer good because I have to go back in and change the country im from which is the United States. If anyone knows how to fix it i would appreciate it

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hi there please create a ticket sir and describe your concern. :heart:

Hi @61redhead3, you can try to reinstall the application or try another device/browser. Regards!