Verification specialist of residence address, via Utility Bill!

Natalia Aliieva & Vladislav Saienko
Verification Specialist,

Some people live in rural locations , here in Australia.

When you have no postal service to your Rural residence, it requires you to get your mail sent to your local Post Office / PO Box.

However, i do have a Electricity Account, which at the bottom right corner of my Utility Bill shows the residential address that you require for VERIFICATION. MATCH.

Why would that not be valid to VERIFY my account?

Glenn Fitzpatrick

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Wirex - Account Verification Process

Dear Glenn,
Congratulations, your account has been successfully verified!
You are now officially a member of the Wirex community and can take advantage of all the products and services we provide, including cryptocurrency purchases. Don’t forget to link your existing debit/credit card to your Wirex account.


Hi Glenn,

I greatly appreciate the explicit explanation of your situation.

I have forwarded and escalated this to our Verification team and I can see that your account is verified now.

If there is anything else I may help you with - just let me know, I’d be glad to assist.

Have a nice day!