Visa card vs MasterCard?

Hello from France there how is it going ?

First i want to thx the Wirex Team;
everything (for now) works correctly and all few problems i had (about new work in France and put my new salary on Wirex through SEPA) was resolved quickly by the Team.

My new boss was curious about this non-french bank account and we had some discutions about it, now he know Wirex and all benefit from this Company hehe.

I also payed attention to told him how great Crypto-Currency allow us to do fair business who bring back money to customer and to the company, with respect, integrity and security (but with responsibility).

NOW here are my questions:

Do you have some comparative spreadsheet about Visa card vs MasterCard please ?
i want to compare fees&limits, amounts allowed to spend, security, Crypto rewards, SEPA/SWIFT things, etc… ?

After the Mastercard launch do you abandon the Visa card ? or can we order Visa + MasterCard ?

i need data for have my own serious reflection about “what is the best for me”, because only advertising is not enough when we talk about that serious money business.

Thank you for an answer, and keep up the good work :3


Hi @WilsonMilleR,

Thank you for sharing your experience. We are happy to know that you enjoy our services.

We greatly appreciate your feedback and value your choice.

Currently, the MasterCard program is yet to be released, which means we have not yet published all the details regarding its’ features in order to directly compare it with our existing VISA cards.

Still, I hope the following article can shed some light on the question: The card will include lower exchange commissions (or even no commissions for some currencies), no monthly fees, free ATM withdrawals, and more).

Exact limits for the new card and further availability of VISA cards is yet to be announced, so please keep an eye on our product updates :slight_smile:

Please rest assured that we will provide you with more details soon, we hope for your patience in this matter.

Warm regards and have a great day!


thank you for the answer.

btw i am really surprised that you used my real life name on the forum ?
can’t you imagine i won’t be publicly named here for my eSecurity due to mass pishing/hacking/social engineering on the web ?
i am not hungry about fame, i won’t be recognized or popular,
i just wan’t to do my business in my own way without being disturbed :confused:

i didn’t know that Personal Data are public on this forum ?
why make us choose a nickname if real ID are public ?
why not any warning about this on our personal board ?
is it okay with GDPR ?

Sorry to be rude but personal informations are very sensitives,
it’s a dangerous thing to put personal data like this for everybody.
i don’t want somebody stole my name and do bad things with it…

can you tell me what other personal informations are publicly visible by everybody please ?

did google and other search engine already recorded all pages from this forum somewhere for they adds and their business ?

i didn’t paid attention to this before, because nobody called my by my name on the web, but now i saw it, and i don’t find any “privacy settings” on the personal board :o

thank you for an answer.

Hello @WilsonMilleR, thank you for your message.

Let me inform you that while creating an account, you can choose a username and also add a full name (optional). Kindly be advised that the community forum is a public page and this is not secure to post your personal details.

According to our records, you’ve specified your full name firstly in your profile but then changed it after this post. Note: due to security and privacy reasons, I’ve removed your full name from the previous post.

Best Regards!


Hello @Anastasiia_Wirex thank you very much for that quick and clear answer :slight_smile:

i was a bit in panic with this real name story, because like you said:

so thank you for your fast moove, i thinked my real ID was hidden by default, but in case it was not, maybe that’s why it said “optional” into the personal board; it wasn’t really clear about privacy (i’m French, not so fluent in english ^^)

anyway, the privacy problem is solved, now i understand how it works and i also had my answers about visa vs Mastercard questions.

Good luck for the rest and thx again for your professionalism.



Dear Wilson, thank you for your feedback!

Should you have any other questions you are welcome to contact us.

Have a nice day!