Want a job in the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a topic of much debate these days. While some see it as a gateway to limitless possibilities, others see it as just another transient tech trend.

It’s even been said that before long, many of us will be working in the Metaverse. Could that really be the case, and if so, what sort of jobs will be on offer? Let’s find out.

What type of jobs might the Metaverse create?

In the same way that people couldn’t predict all the jobs that would come from the internet, people are understandably sceptical about working in the Metaverse. But will it go the same way as the internet did?

Let’s have a look at some of the jobs that might soon exist.

World builder

This position entails imagining entire worlds within the Metaverse. It requires some of the same skills as a video game designer and involves creating virtual environments that don’t yet exist.

A bit like a professional daydreamer, then? Sign us up.

Metahuman doctor

You may have come across the term Metahuman before to describe digital humans who exist in the Metaverse as exact replicas of us. Spooky, right?

Sometimes known as avatars, Metahumans are more advanced versions of real-life humans that contain all of our biometric and physiological data - that includes information about health conditions. They’ll therefore require “meta doctors” who are experts in both medicine and digital sciences.

Digital fashion designer

If we’re going to be represented by avatars, they’re going to need clothes. Trends will presumably come and go in the Metaverse just as they do in the real world, which means there’s a market for fashion.

Are you a budding designer with a futuristic flair? This could be the position for you.

Smart contract lawyer

Closing a deal in the Metaverse? Then you’ll need a smart contract lawyer. Their job is to ensure that the terms of your agreement are accurately encoded in the blockchain. If so, your transaction can go ahead once all the conditions are met, without any human interaction.

Metaverse tour guide

The Metaverse consists of countless worlds to explore. This opens up a whole new type of tourism, and all sorts of jobs that come with that. One of those could be a Metaverse tour guide, to show visitors around the various virtual worlds and help get them from A to B.

Holiday in the Metaverse, anybody?

Can I apply to any Metaverse jobs yet?

Your dream Metaverse job might be closer than you think. According to Go Banking Rates, there are already some positions open, including Director of Metaverse Engineering at Nike and Web3 Manager at Gucci.

So, what do you think - would you apply for a Metaverse-based position? If so, what would be your perfect role? Let us know!