Want credit without selling your crypto?

*Subject to the T&Cs and Privacy Policy

In need of some extra funds? Whether you’re struggling to keep on top of your bills or you’ve got an unexpected expense to shell out for, we designed Wirex Credit to offer a helping hand.

Our brand-new borrowing tool lets you take out an instant credit line against your crypto, so you can free up funds without having to sell your tokens.

Sound like the solution you need? Keep reading for three reasons why Wirex Credit is the one for you.

1. You can get credit without selling your crypto

New furniture, tax bills, car repairs… there’s always something. Whatever you need it for, Wirex Credit lets you borrow a stablecoin of your choice just by locking your BTC or ETH in-app. That means your crypto’s still your crypto.

Your Wirex Credit line will be available instantly and can be paid back whenever you like. Plus, you’ll only pay interest for the days it’s live.

2. You get access to a real-time loan health checker

Want to know how your credit line is faring? Our in-app health-checker tool lets you do just that. Use it to quickly and easily check your LTV ratio and see if it’s time to add collateral. It’ll also notify you of any changes straightaway, so you know exactly where you’re at.

For more information about LTV ratios, head to the Help Centre.

3. You can borrow stablecoins in seconds

Wirex Credit makes your funds available to you immediately, so you start spending them straightaway – simply link your stablecoin account to your Wirex card to spend them in real life.

Taking out a Wirex Credit line is completely free and requires zero tedious credit or affordability checks – it really does just take a couple of taps.


*0% interest available on NXUSD only for a limited time, all other stablecoins at 2% APR.
*Availability for Wirex Credit may differ by region. All credit lines are provided in stablecoins. Cryptocurrency is volatile and all lending is conducted at the user’s risk. Subject to the T&Cs and Privacy Policy.

that is really a breakdown of financial barriers of traditional banks. Really happy to see this!

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