We’re closing LUNA X-Accounts

You have probably read about the recent market changes in LUNA and UST. Unfortunately, this means that we can no longer support LUNA X-Accounts in the Wirex app.

Don’t worry – if you have an active LUNA X-Account, we’ll transfer any funds in it safely back to the LUNA account in your Wirex app.

As always, don’t hesitate to talk to the Support Team if you have any questions.


What happened to the Buy $50 luna and get $5 WXT?
I did bought $50 Luna in that period. The activity has finished way way way long time ago. Still not receiving any bonus.

I doubt has anyone ever received the bonus from the activities?

Hahah, if you have questions ask support, and then support tells you they have no info!
3 months after, when all other platform already solved this topic.
Amazing job Wirex, amazing support job as well haha!

In May 2022, we made the decision to delist LUNA from the Wirex platform following its unprecedented collapse. This meant that you could no longer access your LUNA account in the Wirex app.

We will be refunding all LUNA holders’ funds. The equivalent value of any funds held in your LUNA account has now been transferred to your NXUSD account to be exchanged, HODLed or spent as you see fit.

Thank you for your understanding.