We’ve increased the limit for contactless payments

Dear Wirexers,

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made it apparent that coming together as a community is more important than ever. As a result of the crisis that everyone around the world is facing, we want to help make things a little easier for you - which is why we’ve decided to increase the limit for contactless transactions on your Wirex card as well as increasing the daily contactless spend. That means you can now make PIN-free in-store payments up to £45/€50 and a daily contactless spend limit of £135/€150.

Thank you and stay safe.


what’s the usual limit on PIN-free in-store payments? i didn’t even know that there’s a limit. would be good to find that somewhere…

Hi there Wirexle! So the previous limit for a single contactless card transaction was £30. And the daily contactless spend limit was £90.
Thank you.

So 35€ and 100 euro?

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Hey, some terminals still refuse the contactless payment - is this normal ?
(This is in France - the contact payment is accepted with the same card).

87 days without access to my account or funds. I ask for an update every couple of days and this is the typical response. They will not even tell me what they are investigating, whos doing it and how long it will take.
Dear Andrew,
Thank you for your message.
Regrettably, the investigation has not been completed yet.
Until it’s over, we cannot provide you with any details regarding the course of the matter.
Best regards,

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It is good!

that is good


Same in UK. A lot of machines in shops don’t accept my card

Ah ha now I know why the contactless doesn’t always work,keep up the good work