We want to hear your thoughts about our community forum!

What would keep you coming back to the community forum? Do you want to see more of certain posts, or polls, or discussion topics, etc? Whatever it is, we want to know.

Looking forward to hearing your responses!

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I think the community forum has great potential as a hub where to get sneak peak of new product features and be involved in potential releases via polls. But also discussions on how to make the most of existing functionalities. Keep the good content flowing!


I love the community forum!! It’s a great way to access all the fun competitions and learn more about Wirex. Can we please have more information on crypto/trading in the future? I’d love that

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WXT stacking. If stacking WXT could earn interest and increase rebate, more people will choose to use the wirex card as their everyday card.


For me this forum is my second family, we can exchange our experiences and our ideas and also our proposals about the wirex and it future and it progression in the world of the cryptocurrencies…:slightly_smiling_face:

It is a very useful tool but it is not promoted enough to the wider Wirex users I think it would be useful for offering WXT to use it.

Very bad costumer support, the worst I saw. Never help, a lot of problems with receiving money.

This is incorrect, the support team are very useful I have never had any issue. Remember we are in covid 19 so things may take a little longer please be patient

I can see this is one of your first posts using the app give it a week and I’m sure someone will get to the bottom of it and solve the issue.

Too many people are quick to judge and moan but when the issue is solved no praise is given.

Awesome community. Pure sanity compared to telegram groups. App is fantastic by the way.


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What about some infographics on ‘what was spent where’ in the world of Wirex? I’d be keen to know if for example people are spending more on TV’s in Taiwan and Beer in Berlin! Also, some insights o the most popular (non BTC) by region - maybe that’d be fun to see :slight_smile:

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87 days without access to my account or funds. I ask for an update every couple of days and this is the typical response. They will not even tell me what they are investigating, whos doing it and how long it will take.
Dear Andrew,
Thank you for your message.
Regrettably, the investigation has not been completed yet.
Until it’s over, we cannot provide you with any details regarding the course of the matter.
Best regards,.

I love wirex

Something interactive like polls would be nice, and infographics like @ForWirexForGlory mentioned would be cool.

I guess links to useful websites, social media and videos for educational stuff. Both investment and general crypto currency related.

General advice, tips and experiences I guess is the main reason I’m here.

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I am happy to enjoy my wirex card …thanks a lot


I think this community is a great idea, but for the card activity, I would like you to introduce the BTCV pair to be able to use it. Thank you

Very very poor customer support. In fact there is no customer support. 93 days without access to my account and funds. Ombudsman involved but they are progressing very slowly. Wirex just couldn’t care. They also have the cheek to keep sending me emails to use my card more.

Ich kämpfe mich durch aber auf den ersten Blick scheint es sehr informatif zu sein…