We want your feedback on WXT!

Do you like the rewards you get from holding WXT? What do you like about it and what would you add to it if you could? Let us know all your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Again,not being horrible but your customer engagement is appalling.
Barely get any reaction here. I bought and invested in wxt because I saw a progressive company . Im not seeing that anymore.
I see more post about poor service and negative reviews than any actual progress or exciting features you working on.
You improved tickets resolution but probably the cost of development.
If you do develop new features,let us know. There has been no major announcement from Wirex for a long time. All I get is refer friends and crypto back emails.


Hi there M_G, Thank you very much for this feedback as it’s always most appreciated. We definitely want to hear what our users think so we can create a better ecosystem within the Wirex community.

In regards to news/announcements, please know that we have several in the pipeline. Of course any news that we will have, will be announced on here as well as through our social channels.
Thank you so much.


I bought WXT, hoping it goes up in value some more. Will users get access to enhanced benefits/features in the future?? Let us know!

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