We want your feedback on WXT!

Do you like the rewards you get from holding WXT? What do you like about it and what would you add to it if you could? Let us know all your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Again,not being horrible but your customer engagement is appalling.
Barely get any reaction here. I bought and invested in wxt because I saw a progressive company . Im not seeing that anymore.
I see more post about poor service and negative reviews than any actual progress or exciting features you working on.
You improved tickets resolution but probably the cost of development.
If you do develop new features,let us know. There has been no major announcement from Wirex for a long time. All I get is refer friends and crypto back emails.


Hi there M_G, Thank you very much for this feedback as it’s always most appreciated. We definitely want to hear what our users think so we can create a better ecosystem within the Wirex community.

In regards to news/announcements, please know that we have several in the pipeline. Of course any news that we will have, will be announced on here as well as through our social channels.
Thank you so much.


I bought WXT, hoping it goes up in value some more. Will users get access to enhanced benefits/features in the future?? Let us know!

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I agree there is a lot of appalling customer engagement and not so good reviews as well. I am a newbie as for having difficulty issues So far so good. In my opinnion take little steps. Read all guidelines and feedbacks are helpful.

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Holding reasonable amount of Wirex is really helpful. Now I only use my wirex Visa card to pay for everything so I earn Satoshi to add to my bitcoin. Thank you Wirex

Been holding WXT for almost a year now.

What I will say is that the rewards really need to be upgraded for what you pay for the WXT. When is online cashback coming? Been hearing about this for months and there doesn’t seem to be any timeline given for when this is being rolled out. Lots of unknowns with wirex in comparison to some competitors.

Also, this has nothing much to do with WXT, but in general the customer support, albeit responsive, is not very helpful or understanding. I’ve had my issues with Wirex before. Once I sent XLM to my address but used the wrong memo for the deposit. Firstly it should be made EXTREMELY obvious that you need to enter the correct memo for funds to appear in your account. If someone like me who is very active with crypto can mess this up, what hope does the average person have.

Once I realised I messed up I IMMEDIATELY contacted support to let them know. At first they missunderstood and said my funds were gone and not able to be returned. Once I explained again more clearly that I was transferring to my wirex account and not from it, they said they would investigate to retrieve the funds but could not tell me how long it would take. To my surprise, it ended up taking over 2 months to get the funds cleared. I’m happy to get it back and I learned my lesson, but Jesus, that timeframe is just not acceptable. It takes 2 seconds to see the transaction on the blockchain, just credit the account. I dare say this kind of thing happens quite often as I see people complaining about missing funds here all the time. People lose faith and this affects the WXT price.

I’d be interested to know how much you’ve lost in value since you’ve invested in WXT… If you didn’t mind sharing?

I’ve been struggling with deciding on if I bother increasing my WXT balance.
The cost to purchase more currently doesn’t make sense in my head considering it’s current value.
As it stands I’ve probably already lost approx $300NZD since 09/2020 to get 1% Crypto back…and then the jump to get 1.5% back…!?!..yikes…

Yeah the jump to 1.5% currently is not worth it. Considering we are at all-time lows now for wxt, it’s probably a good investment for 1%. I haven’t lost that much as wxt in general has been pretty stable, and the advantage is those funds are not locked up and you can sell at any time to make a profit which I’ve done a few times. Overal, right now given how cheap they are, I’d say I’ve probably lost about $300 AUD, but never sell at a loss!

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