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Wirex have verified my account I’ve used it it’s holding £370 it’s taken it off my account but won’t let it leave.

It also won’t let me use my card to top up. Failing constantly now.

Please can someone help as I’m getting very anxious now

Can someone tell me how to take my money out of wirex ? It’s easy to add money , and all the notification to buy more coins , why so little or no information or easy way of withdrawing our money , help please!

I would like to thank the wirex team and Ali for solving the issue with my wirex card thank you very much
I live again
Live Life on wirex


Hello can someone please help . I have put uni tokens into my eth wallet in Wirex. The transaction was successful and is showing in etherscan but the funds are not showing in my wallet. Can anyone please help me recover it

Hi guys, I don’t understand where I can write, I’ll try here … My application / account has been down for weeks and I can’t connect my cards to deposit in wirex. It’s been weeks and no one has solved my problem yet. I am an investor, I have the Mastercard but I have not been able to use anything for weeks. I hope you can fix the problem.

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how to see in the application my IBAN number and bank address in Lithuania, thanks a lot


When i opened a new accѻunt with Wirex and transferred GBP funds into the accѻunt. I exchanged it for some bitcoins and wanted to send the bitcoins to another address but it will not allow me saying the Blockchain fee is not sufficient despite having money inside. I again exchanged the bitcoins into GBP and wanted withdraw back into my bank account and it would not let me. My money was stuck with wirex and i was unable to send bitcoins or withdraw my GBP for a while. I contacted customer services and they have responded that it was under investigation. But, guess what? The investigation lasted for months. All I wanted was my money back but they made me go through hell till i finally found a recѻvery expert ([Jasonzaneⓐonlineconsultant . us] who got it back after issuing a Chargeback notice to wirex.


I ordered a card about a week back with the free shipping option. The thing is im located in Croatia, and now I see the free shipping alternative was only for the UK? Do I need to order a new card, or will it come to my adresse in Croatia?

Hello, can somebody help me here please? I’ve ordered and received a new Mastercard in place of the closed visa card. I’ve activated my new Mastercard but my money on the old Visa card was not transferred automatically to the new Mastercard. I’ve contacted Wirex support a number of times but it’s still the same response, that there’s a load of queries being dealt with, and it will take a tag longer to respond d to my query. I believe it’s a bot message. Has anybody here experienced the non-transfer of their money from the old Visa card to their new card? I thought the money was in the Wirex account and only get spent using the card? But I can’t see the balance in my account any more. Thanks for your help.

My names are PETER CHINEDU
I am glad to be a part of this noble WIREX family . I appreciate each and everyone of us here. I look forward to know each one of you and at the same time contribute to the group in all my abilities.

Greetings to everyone
Please guys im having issues with my sms confirmation… Im still in possession of my phone number but yet i don’t receive the 6 digit confirmation code.
It so restricting me getting full access to my account…
Please i need your kind advise to resolve thie problems. Thank you all

hello my name is murat

Hi @Murat_Avcioglu and all the Wirexers :wave:

Do not hesitate to write to us if you need help, share your ideas, or just chat on the news of the cryptosphere!

Welcome to the Wirex Community :tada:

@SA03 Please read this:

@PETERTOCH I’m sorry to heard that. Please create support ticket here if your cas is not resolved: https://wirexapp.com/help/request/create

Thank you! :slight_smile:

you are just lying, you offer something then along the way you will cancel it then now you will say its back come on you are fooling us. How can we trust you with our money if you are like that. This app is not trustworthy I will make a review in trustpilot of your modus operandi.

Hello friends !!! How to open a own post?

Hi , I would like to delete my account as well , email Ivankomacejdavid@gmail.com
As fast as possible please . it’s a simple and clear request

Best Regards David

Hello, here is the address certificate I recently applied to with the government. Because I applied for the whole family at once, there are three pages, and my part is on the second page, with the government stamped certificate on the back.

In addition, because I have verified the address for several months, but there is no follow-up, I hope to deal with it as soon as possible. There are still three thousand dollars in my account, which I often use.

I hope that the review can be completed for me as soon as possible! Have been waiting for months! Three thousand dollars is stuck in it.

I have been sending letters to you for several months,
How long will it take?
Many people in Taiwan have recently started to come into contact with cryptocurrency.
There are many people around me who want to join, and I also recommend them to use your platform, but some people also have their accounts locked, which will cause a lot of inconvenience. Please help me speed up.
thank you very much.

thank you all.

Hi Ma’am/ Sir i would to ask for help on how to access my account everytime i log may email i didnt receive any OTP in my email