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شكرا لكم. على ما قدمتوه لنا.


شكرا لك على تعليقك
I hope this is correct :wink:


Hi Wirex team,

I’m BIG fan of your app, it’s one of the best…

But I have a one question, how can I backup or export my Bitcoint account out of Wireapp? This is critical for safety!

Thanks for answer,


Hi Xght75;

Thank you for your question.

At this point you are only able to export your Bitcoin balance; out of your Wirex wallet to another Bitcoin Wallet.

The reason behind this is because Wirex is an ecosystem to spend Cryptocurrencies; to do this our customers need instant conversions, the best rate possible and security.

To make this as streamlined as possible; we are constantly integrating many new features; including, zero confirm transaction services,SegWit Wallets, Bitcoin Cash Wallets and more. To ensure Maximum security; the private keys associated with that system are generated offline so that they never touch the internet.

I hope this answers your question;

Community Manager


Hi Raphael,

you takes my breath :slight_smile:

Generate private keys offline, you are the best guys… I appreciate your work a lot!

Thanks and stay strong,


Thank you man; any time!



Will Wirex ever include India?



We are definitely going to try!


Great Post it was and I would find many ease in it.


@system Wirexapp is not authorizing payments from Amazon-AWS , please make sure the payments are captured by your bank card and authorized. Please contact your bank about this.


It seems I’m unable to create a new topic, yet your forum is completely full of spam unrelated to the project. You need to change how this place works.


Okay seeing as you’ve locked this place down so that people can’t actually post questions I’ll ask here.

Your screenshots suggest that the BTC wallet must be converted to GBP before funding the VISA card.

In my country this means there is a taxable event of conversion before the non-taxable event of purchases. For me and many others this defeats the entire purpose of having cryptocurrency on a plastic card.


So I asked support and they replied that it was a tax question and refused to answer.

Most definitely a question about the technicalities of how your wallets work.

Your miss-categorisation cut & paste response tells me clearly that I do not wish to become your customer.


Hey BitAlt;

You will be able to post new topics once you attain a certain number of ‘badges’; these are house keeping rules that have been put in place to stop spam!

With regards to the issue of the conversion of Crypto to Fiat being taxable; we are working on implementing a solution for this; it will be similar to this type of service:


The good news is that all your conversions are stored with Wirex to make working out taxes less painful. But it is incumbent on the user to pay their government what they owe them, and because we operate in over 130 governance’s, it’s not an easy task to provide for all of them. But we are working on potential solutions.

What would be the best thing Wirex could offer for you, in your position?


Hi Wirex团队你们好!


how long will it be before you can transfer from your wirex account bank into your normal main stream bank account ???


If this feature get’s requested allot, than we can definitely deliver this as at some point :wink:


Just ordered your card, been looking for something like that for many years!
Looking forward to test it!


We’re glad you’ve found us! The original and the best!