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Now, If you would please add Nano as supported coin you would get the fastest and cheapest crypto-fiat gateway in the world :slight_smile:



Hi I have sent money into my wirex account but I have not received anything why is that?



What money have you sent?

Bitcoin, Litecoin; alts or Bank transfer?



Bank transfer from another account into my account

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Bank transfer doesnt work though, dont know Y



If you used IBAN transfer this can take around 3 days to reach your account. If you transferred from a UK bank account; this can be a BACS or Faster payments transfer which can take anytime between half an hour to 3 days for this money to be deposited.

If you still haven’t received the money after a three day wait; then please raise a support ticket and we can chase it up with our accounts provider.



Can you withdraw your bitcoin currency from a cash point or even buy items from a local shop ?



Yes, Wirex comes with a fully functional BIP 141, 143, 144, 173 compatible Bitcoin (SegWit UASF) wallet that allows you to send Bitcoin to any Bitcoin Wallet/exchange/ATM with all of the latest features.
So weather its Satoshis legacy wallet from 2009 or Jameson Lopps multi sig, UASF enabled Bitcoin Wallet you can send BTC to it from Wirex.

Also, sending BTC from Wirex to Wirex is instant and FREE, meaning no network fees & once received, you don’t need to wait for network confirmations to spend/send your BTC.



When I put my card in the machine it keeps telling me that I need to contact my issuer. Why is that. I than uploaded the bitcoin money and still same thing.



How much do you need to have in your wallet to be able to withdraw from the atm



You need to have funds loaded on your GBP Debit Card to do so. You need to have the amount you wish to withdraw as well as the ATM fee which can be found here:

[|ATM (in Europe)|£1.75 / €2.25 / $2.50|

|ATM (outside Europe)|£2.25 / €2.75 / $3.50|]




I have £7 in my bitcoin account and I can’t purchase in store. Says contact card issuer



Hi wirex team, I purchased £2000 worth of ripple (on two accounts) one was mine, the other my wife’s, and neither of us have received our currency. Normally we haven’t had an issue and its been credited within a minute max?? I have raised a ticket but yet to receive a response which is highly unusual as I know you strive for amazing customer service.

Edit: The transaction has gone through as I have re-attempted to purchase but it is now coming up saying I have hit my £1000 limit on both accounts… yet nothing has been credited.



i am from algeria and i can’t get a virtual card Why??

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Everybody must be know this… fighting during a week with different people of support team without any news.
They did a mistake and take the money from my account for cover that mistake!!! Incredible, not serious company if dont asume their system errors
I have all the chats and my wallet balance for who like to check this.
If someone have the same problem contact with me and we try to go trough legal advisor

Ticket 562654
Why I must be paiy for your system error???
Hello, you remove from my account without my authorizarion 375.35€ with transaction ID


Please, transfer back my money. I only authorize a withdarwall of 0.115 BTC, if your system have problem with that really im sorry but I don must be pay for that.
I dont have taht money because was not send to my wallet. I diont know the owner of the wallet for ask about this.

Is your system that must be track the money and dont take it from my account without my authorization.

I will publish all chats on social network for advise to wirex client what kind of company you are. The memberes must be pay for your mistakes, is not fair. Plau, I still talking with my legal advisor regarding this problem.

I understand that the money is small for your big company but is a lot for me.




Hi. Just received my card and I am absolutely buzzing with this app. Its easy to use. The wallets are great. Fees really cheap. The card and the way it’s delivered even looks nice. You can tell these guys have thought about everything and really know what they’re doing. This will be my main wallet from now on and love how I can sell my bitcoin and have it in cash within seconds. Keep up the good work guys. Seriously!!! What an app!!!



Tisztelt Ügyfélszolgálat!
Két alkalommal próbálkoztam regisztrálni a bank kártyáért, de mindkét alkalommal elutasították.
Lehetséges lenne, hogy megoldjuk a bank kártya megszerzését részemre?
Valamint érdeklődni szeretnék hogy lessz-e magyar nyelvű oldal, mert nem mindent tudok a Google forditóval leforditani?
A választ ide kapom, vagy az e-mail cimemre?
Üdvözlettel Lőrinc Gueth



Please Raphael shalaby can you look into my case I have written some many complains but no response I made a deposit into my wirex account since Monday 25/03 and the money was debited from my account on 27/03 up till these very minute I did not get the money on my wirex account or receive any explanation



ave waiting on dem to solve my problems going on for 10hours to reply back no reply can’t use my account to send money to another Uk account very frustrating even can putting my money my own card account from pounds account saying connection time out so called upgrade split account to two and can’t use the app keep telling connection time out Can only help me fix dis problems since u guys don’t have customers service number to call it so tiring since morning no answer to fix it



Ticket 734263. Please help. No solution since it March12, 2019. It’s urgent for me.