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Now, If you would please add Nano as supported coin you would get the fastest and cheapest crypto-fiat gateway in the world :slight_smile:


Hi I have sent money into my wirex account but I have not received anything why is that?


What money have you sent?

Bitcoin, Litecoin; alts or Bank transfer?


Bank transfer from another account into my account


Bank transfer doesnt work though, dont know Y


If you used IBAN transfer this can take around 3 days to reach your account. If you transferred from a UK bank account; this can be a BACS or Faster payments transfer which can take anytime between half an hour to 3 days for this money to be deposited.

If you still haven’t received the money after a three day wait; then please raise a support ticket and we can chase it up with our accounts provider.


Can you withdraw your bitcoin currency from a cash point or even buy items from a local shop ?


Yes, Wirex comes with a fully functional BIP 141, 143, 144, 173 compatible Bitcoin (SegWit UASF) wallet that allows you to send Bitcoin to any Bitcoin Wallet/exchange/ATM with all of the latest features.
So weather its Satoshis legacy wallet from 2009 or Jameson Lopps multi sig, UASF enabled Bitcoin Wallet you can send BTC to it from Wirex.

Also, sending BTC from Wirex to Wirex is instant and FREE, meaning no network fees & once received, you don’t need to wait for network confirmations to spend/send your BTC.