We're working on releasing two new wallets soon, any predictions as to what they will be?

Are there any ripples in the ether?
Adding a dash of mystery eh?
Some say we’re better than most Neo banks, still in the steem age in comparison. :wink:

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Dash will be one of them, I hope and I pray.

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So, how do you define “soon” in the subject line of this thread?

Hi Oleg,

We will be launching Ripple first, in the next week or so. And then we will be implementing the Ethereum wallet next month. :+1:t4:

It’s really exciting! I’m looking forward to having these two additional currencies in the app! Keep up your great job. :wink:


Any update on when the ETH wallet will be going live - very exciting

Hey there! Yes, It’s coming really, really soon!

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how much do you need to have in your wallet to be able to withdraw from the atm?

Hi there,

I’ve replied to your previous post.

thank you.

Is there any chance that you can add a stablecoin to your wallet portfolio? This would help us folks in the United States out tremendously since we cannot trade into fiat :slight_smile:

Ethereum classic off course

If Wirez have a SMART management will add EOS, as eos network now have 80% of blockchain transactions

sorry guys,

now its an terrible Design :frowning:
i loved the one before

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Hello … there ist no post for the app and design?

I don’t like the new design. :astonished: The old was great :+1:t2:. Please give us back the old app. The old one was easier to understand … now I’ve to look. :pleading_face: