What? Are you serious with your new Membership plan Wirex?

Even though some may feel the coming membership plan just nerf the advantage of Wirex, I am still OK with it as it at least will have positive influence to the price of WXT, and here comes the previous one

I am in premium plan now, and I am still OK to pay about 2000USD for 500000WXT in order to maintain more or less the same benefits I already have now.

But you just silently made a new one:

And now I have to pay and lock 3 times more in order to get something that could be worse than what I have now?

A new plan that requires you to lock a sum of WXT does encourage people to buy and hold WXT, but such enormous requirement will just make users to give up and switch to other altenatives instead.

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Hi @Fricher112 :wave:

Thank you for your feedback, it is appreciated. I hope he will be heard by the team quickly :+1:

Regarding the price change, I know it might sound misleading but Wirex warns that changes happen from time to time:


2. Definitions

2.2 “Free Subscription” means the Standard (free) plan, the details of which are set out at https://wirexapp.com/pricing a͢s͢ ͢a͢m͢e͢n͢d͢e͢d͢ ͢a͢n͢d͢ ͢u͢p͢d͢a͢t͢e͢d͢ ͢f͢r͢o͢m͢ ͢t͢i͢m͢e͢ ͢t͢o͢ ͢t͢i͢m͢e͢).

2.3 “Paid Subscription” means any 12-month agreement between User and Wirex, which can be (depending on the plan selected) paid monthly or upfront (annually). There are 2 Paid Subscription plans - Premium (paid) and Elite (paid), the details of which are set out at https://wirexapp.com/pricing (a͢s͢ ͢a͢m͢e͢n͢d͢e͢d͢ ͢a͢n͢d͢ ͢u͢p͢d͢a͢t͢e͢d͢ ͢f͢r͢o͢m͢ ͢t͢i͢m͢e͢ ͢t͢o͢ ͢t͢i͢m͢e͢).

I hope you understand.

Thanks again!

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Yes I knew it, but it doesn’t mean I appreciate the coming change.
As I stated, it is reasonable for Wirex to have a new membership plan that could eventually contribute to the price of WXT and ultimately benefit its user, but I believe it will go too far if confirmed.

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I wonder where you got all this plans from? I cant seem to find the source…

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Thank you @sabarrcom!

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Hi if WXT stayed at the same price. Changing to the Elite plan and putting the money into fiat X-account.
Could be a better option? The interest should pay for the plan. But WXT is very cheap at the moment…

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