What brought you all to Wirex?

Hi Everybody! I’m Martin, what brought you to Wirex?
Personally I used to run a crypto debit card comparison site so used all the cards which were available at the time. By far, Wirex was the best out of the bunch and is continually improving!


I was searching apps for iOS where you can buy/sell crypto + visa card, couple years later I m still here. :sweat_smile:


wirex has been the most efficient for me for spending and buying crypto


buonasera,avevo bisogno di una carta di credito per una piattaforma e mi hanno proposto wirex ,non posso stare senza

I know it is similar
I m sorry but i m trying to get an answer from you since 9 days!

You own me 600 euros and i want it back.

Please could anyone from the team could answer to my mail?

It is very anoying and so not professional.

You are a bank, and you have to be reactive.
It is not a game, you block me in my work and my life because you are not answering.