What can you do with WXT?

There’s a lot you can do with our native token, WXT. Built on both the Stellar Network and the Ethereum blockchain, it rewards Wirex customers for their loyalty and grants them easy access to the world of DeFi.

As if that’s not enough, WXT also lets you earn an extra 4% on your X-Account balances. Simply choose to be paid in WXT instead of in-kind and you could earn as much as 16% AER on select currencies.

Read on for five ways you can benefit from WXT.

1. Exchange it

Exchange your WXT into multiple other currencies - both traditional and crypto - at exclusive live OTC and interbank rates in the Wirex app.

2. Send it

Pay your friends (or yourself) in WXT by sending it to external crypto wallets in just a few taps.

3. Spend it

Spend WXT anywhere in the world with your Wirex card, whether you’re shopping in-store or online. Don’t forget, you’ll earn up to 2% Cryptoback™ rewards in WXT on every purchase.

4. Earn it

Upgrade to the Elite plan in-app and you’ll earn a 6% annual Savings Bonus on your WXT balance, as well as 2% Cryptoback™ rewards every time you spend in-store or online. Whatever your plan, you can also earn an enormous 16% AER on select currencies with X-Accounts when you choose to be paid in WXT.

5. Use it to access DeFi

Exchange your WXT to another Ethereum-based token on a Decentralised Exchange (a ‘DEX’) or use it as collateral for a loan on a Decentralised App (‘dApp’). You’ll soon be able to use WXT to buy your very own NFT, too. Stay tuned for more.


There’s never been a better time to buy WXT.

We’ve reduced fees when you buy WXT with your credit or debit card before July 26th.

Make the most of this deal and buy WXT today!


*Read the Reduced Fee full T&Cs here


Hi there! i’m pretty new to WXT and wirex so excuse my newbie question :-). I’ve received some bonus WXT tokens but when i try to exchange it to fiat or another crypto currency, i get that message that there is a minimum amount required and i dont have enough funds for this operation. I’ve got only around $16 USD worth of tokens but want to exchange this for another crypto. Can you please help to advise. Many Thanks.

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Hi There @iammrbbee

You can add funds via external wallets to be able to reach the minimum so that you can freely exchange it only currency or fiat do you like :slight_smile:

Hope it answer your question!

Regards! :heart_eyes:

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thanks for replying @Palangs04. Just found the page for the X-tras Fees and Limits. Much appreciated.

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Were happy to serve you sir. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Paano po kung ngayon lang ako nakasali at wala po akong nainvite matapos ang event, may makukuha parin po ba akong reward?

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Yes po !

Also X-Accounts can give you passively rewards even youre sleeping :scream::scream:


Sir ito po 31 days na po but still wala po akong na recieve na reward. Fully verified yung pag register ko dito sa wirex and sabi may ma recieve ako after 30 days… bakt walang reward?

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Sir pa feed back naman ho

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Hi There @Ryan_CY

30 Working days po yun sir at the end of promotions.

Kunwari natapos promotion is August 31th.

Then bilang po kayo ng 30days hindi kasama si Sabado at Linggo.


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Okay thank you.

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Im happy to serve you sir.

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