What can you get with your X-Accounts earnings?

We all know you can earn industry-leading interest rates of up to 16% AER with X-Accounts. But have you ever worked out what that adds up to in a week, or a year?

Don’t worry, we’ve done it for you. We want to help you visualise just how much interest you can earn by holding your cryptocurrency in an X-Account.

What you do with your earnings is up to you, but we thought we’d give you some ideas…

1 week (16% AER)



1 year (16% AER)



Looking to hold on to your funds for the long haul? Even better - the longer you leave your funds in an X-Account, the more interest you’ll earn on them.

With X-Accounts, you can watch your funds grow every day - your interest is accumulated daily and paid to you weekly.

Open yours now and see for yourself.

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You guys must Open X accounts.

Its a life changing.

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yeah it a must :+1:

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That’s amazing, nothing more awesome than take good care of family :sun_with_face: