What do you really love most feature has Wirex ? and Why?

For me the one thing that I love most feature has Wirex is the future promising that has and ambitious .

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Ability to transfer smoothly crypto to fiat and use in normal ATMs or anywhere cards are accepted. Thank you Wirex :slight_smile:

I think it would be useful to be able to track markets using the app. The main thing I like about Wirex is the cryptoback scheme which encourages users to buy Wirex token to increase to amount they get. It is excellent.

For me I hope that the Wirex will available in all the countries, so that all people can benefit from all the advantages of this fabulous application.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

The app is user friendly for a beginner and the discounted fees when you hold WXT tokens.


согласен интересно наблюдать, и участвовать в развитии

I think the idea of drawing people in and then refusing them access to their money is an ingenious idea. But at least be upfront.
All other bandits I’ve seen on the movies wore a mask to help you identify them.

Yes discounted fees when you hold WXT tokens and no fees transferring from my visa
I would give up all rewards and crypto back to keep these.