What does crypto mean to you?

Hello everyone!

What a good time to be alive, isn’t it? With the amazing growth and development of technology we are at the doorstep of making our dreams come true and most importantly turn this world into a better place.

To answer my own question ‘‘what does crypto mean to me’’ I would like to start by saying it means hope for me and the rest of the world, I think if we use it in the right way everyone should benefit, living in abundance is why we here.

Also it means a lot of opportunities we all love - buying and spending our crypto to pay for things we have always wanted , earning rewards while doing it and ultimately it can help us saving enough to achieve the financial freedom.

So let me know - what does crypto mean to you?

Are you a HODLer or a trader? Maybe you are just looking for some extra income or just got started?We are here to learn, educate and help each other!

Feel free to share your personal and global visions :star_struck:

Much love!


Hello! I would say HODL and LOONG THE DIP :joy: