📅 What is the opening date of your Wirex account? It might be your birthday!

Hello Wirexers :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Today, it’s been 1 years since I opened my Wirex account and started using it. I did well to do it! :smiley:


It allowed me to use my crypto without any limits at incredible speed and with low fees. I am a very satisfied customer because all the features you give us are excellent. That suits me perfectly. :ok_hand:

Support Representatives is really nice and always helped me at all times. The relevant team always resolved my blocked card cases, for example, very quickly. Thanks Wirex. :+1:

So I’m celebrating my first birthday with the Wirex family with great pleasure :partying_face:

And you, when and why did you open your account? Talk about it here! :point_down:


I opened my Wirex account because the other apps were not working properly on my phone and ID checks were either very complicated or too slow. So I quickly gave up but luckily I discovered Wirex. It was the right choice.


Good choice @wirexuser01😃


1 year today!

…not too shabby.


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The 1 year olds are always magnificent! Happy birthdays @Draw2 :tada:

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you are noob ahahaha i’m since 2018

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Hahaha…yeah man…I’m a noob :roll_eyes: