What is your first ever bought using your Wirex Physical Card? and Why?

Here is mine Zara for Men via Online.
Because it’s cheap and sale :tada:

Hobby things payments, that are not visible to my wife :slight_smile:

Smart one​:grin::joy:

Trezor, hardware wallet :wink:



Food at Lidl supermarket 2 years ago, easy to use the card and get rewarded :slight_smile:

Ich hab mein Auto getanit und Euro abgehoben

I bought a piece of cake :pie: (really), in order to signal two things:

  1. to celebrate that wirex works
  2. to subconciously tell me that this was “easy as pie” to buy pie with cryptocurrency :slight_smile:

Starbucks because low amount, i prefer hodl my bitcoin when bearmarket

i think it was pizza, or might of been a redbull :joy:

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Food at the Supermarkets automatic register,worked great! And got also some Satoshi cripto back!

sweet, how much satoshi you have gathered?

Very few (some hundreds) but I’ve increased my wirex tokens now as getting a cash back is not yet common in my country, and of course cashback in Satoshis probably unique everywhere!

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That’s nice. I pay with wirex almost everywhere.

A burger at LeBurger :hamburger::sweat_smile: