What’s on the crypto menu today?

Craving some crypto?

Check out our crypto menu and see what takes your fancy. Perhaps some BTC with a side of NANO?

The choice is yours.

Today’s specials

BTC pizza

One of the most popular foods in the world. The OG takeaway meal. What else could it be?

ETH pasta

Second in popularity but no consolation prize. Who doesn’t love pasta?

WXT sushi

With a surprise in each parcel just waiting to be unwrapped, WXT sushi might just be what you’re after.

LTC fruit smoothie

Light, quick to consume but keeps you satisfied. Perhaps an LTC smoothie is in order. Drink up!

XRP peanut butter & jelly sandwich

A controversial choice but has fans far and wide. Worth a try - it might be your new favourite.

XLM curry

There’s a type for all tastebuds - yes, XLM curry is a real crowd pleaser.

NANO raw vegan salad

Are you a free spirit with a passion for saving the planet? Then this is the dish for you.

WAVES roast dinner

A straightforward and uncomplicated, yet hearty and wholesome meal that you can easily make your own.

DAI grilled cheese sandwich

Everyone’s go-to: the DAI grilled cheese will never let you down. A solid choice for anyone.

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Nice the menu design!