What you need to do to get Verified!


Want to gain access to the full range of Wirex products and features? If you’re a resident of the #EEA, it should only take a few minutes to verify your account. We’ve made a simple, step-by-step tutorial for you to follow :ballot_box_with_check:


It actually just took a few minutes, impressive!


Im am sponsor to Ivan Johansson with email navijohan@hotmail.com and when he signed up he wrote wrong
birthday. He wrote 13-04-1944 but he was born 14-04-1944. He tryed to write a ticket about his problem but no answer. What can he do.

My name i Lars


Your verification is not working well. After i made it my account has been blocked without any reason, nobody tell me why and for what. I simply upload my Documents with a selfie. There is any way to know why my account is blocked and what i need to do to unlock it?



I must agree with fruitlocker, the verification is very poor. I followed your verification proces, but within 5 minutes my account was blocked and support is not helpful at all…

— start —
Karina Aksyonova (Wirex)
Sep 5, 17:51 EEST
Hello Johnny,

As part of our regulatory responsibilities, Wirex have an obligation to ensure that we satisfy internal requirements regarding KYC and risk parameters before permitting a user to take advantage of our full product range. Upon reviewing the information and documentation provided, it has been determined that you fall outside of these parameters and we are not in a position to disclose what exactly. Therefore, as per our Terms and Conditions, it has been decided that we are unable to provide you with an account.

Kind regards,
Wirex Support Team

If you have any additional questions, please visit our Help Center: https://help.wirexapp.com

Johnny Jensen
Sep 5, 13:31 EEST
Hello. Could you at least help me, instead of just closing the ticket. How do I get verified, I followed your verification procedure and have gotten no response as to what the issue is and how to solve it.

Karina Aksyonova (Wirex)
Sep 5, 12:43 EEST
Hello Johnny ,

Unfortunately, we have been unable to complete the necessary regulatory checks on the information and documentation you have provided. We are therefore unable to proceed with your application.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,
Wirex Support Team

If you have any additional questions, please visit our Help Center: https://help.wirexapp.com

Johnny Jensen
Sep 4, 21:04 EEST
I just received a message that my account is now blocked for 30 days, but no description of why this happened?
Today I verified my account with my drivers license and a selfie.
Can you please look at my case and let me know what happened?
With kind regards from Denmark
Johnny Jensen
— end —


" …within 5 minutes my account was blocked… "
" …my account is now blocked for 30 days… "

This is a terrifying prospect, to be stranded without access to your money. WireX is also perpetrating a fraud here, because you did not disclose that you can freeze the account and keep my personal information. I will not use WireX under these conditions, the risks are too extreme. As shown in the articles below, identity theft by employees is a serious problem, and you are demanding too much personal data. If someone knows of another bank which respects our privacy better, please share it here.

4 Credit Bureau Data Breaches that Predate the 2017 Equifax Hack

Experian never alerted affected consumers as required

15 million T-Mobile customers had their Social Security numbers and other personal data stolen

U.S. government fines AT&T $25 million for identity theft by employees

Tax ID numbers & driver licenses were stolen from Equifax


The process is an absolute joke. Attempted verification 3 times, each time it says its failed. Nothing wrong with the documents…all readable. Now its saying that there’s been too many attempts made. No explanation to why its failed, and I’m pretty confident that they don’t have an excuse either.



I am unable to verify my number and it won’t resend the code either. What can I do