What's wrong with Wirex app?

I opened the app today after some weeks and :

  • i can’t top up my Wirex account with my VISA CARD from my local bank,
  • i can’t withdraw money from Wirex to my bank account via Bank Transfer.
    I’ve sent an email to Wirex but still waiting for an answer (and a ticket).


???!!! App is updated automatically on iOs.

Wirex is in upgrade not app

I have the same problem… already since yesterday I can make no topup, not on ios, not on laptop. The field is just gone… there was no warning at all… nice now that crypto is boosting everywhere and no option to invest. :roll_eyes:

So, we shoud wait i assume ?
No communication from Wirex ?

Hi @OhFrankie and @Jer_Man,

I would like to say thank you for your patience and understanding that we are actually working hard to make sure you can use all our services without any hassles and issues. Here at Wirex we value our users and would like to ensure that their experience matches our expectations.

Please be advised that these options are unavailable due to system maintenance and are expected to be activated soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Don’t do it! My account was hacked over a month ago with 5k stole from it and I’m yet to see any of my money returned! I haven’t heard anything from them for 17 days and the rest are just emails to say they are looking into it. If it was there money it wouldn’t take long to sort.

Hello @Geoff7303, I am sincerely sorry for your unpleasant experience.

Could you please provide us with the reference ticket number? We will be glad to escalate this for you.

Thank you in advance!

I think Wrex team has decided to steal everyones $

I’ve also transfered to my Wirex account 497.5 DAI like 3 hours ago and nothing,
no respond from the support, not possible to submit a ticket its like the’ve pulled ot the plug.

Hi @brasco73,

I have sent you a reply via the support ticket. Please check your mailbox.

Best wishes!

I made a transfer of xrp to my wirexapp account on the 25th of janurary. I accidently copy and pasted a two factor code i used to withdraw the funds and used that as my reference tag. So the xrp was sent to the right wallet address (wirex wallet ) but the wrong reference tag. I contacted you guys a few minutes after this happen when i realized. Support said they sent it to the right department but i still have not been credited . When i checked the txid on the block explorer , it shows you guys recieved my xrp . I contacted chat support but they have not responded to me since the 25th . Just wondering when will my funds be credited to my account? 248259737 This is my destination tag . Its been extremely long time . This is annoying because i really need my money

Hello Daniel,

I apologize that the resolution of your case is taking so much time, but we are doing our best to sort it out as soon as possible.

The point of this delay is such cases are processing by our relevant team manually, therefore, it could take some time.

We appreciate your patience!

I have looked up this same issues, and other exchanges tend to find the solution same day. I also notice that i am not able to send funds to my bank account anymore via sepa or faster payments. What exactly is going on at wirexapp.

Dear Daniel, we apologize for any inconvenience we might have caused you and we are grateful that you brought this issue to our attention.

As I can see, this case is being processed by our relevant team. They will keep you updated via the ticket directly.

Warm regards.

I can’t withdraw any money from my wirex app,nor I can use the card on any ATM…what is going on with the app and the card…why is everything frozen…this issue is going on for a while

I been trying to log into my account. I even tried reseting my password but I get a notification to contact support but no one replies. I been trying for over 2 months to regain access to my account but support doesn’t reply.

Hello @Slobodan_Cuk, I am sincerely sorry for the delayed update.

I have checked your case and have also updated you via the ticket, please take a look.

Warm regards!

Hello @Manny5044, thank you for taking the time writing to us.

I have escalated this to our Support Team. They will update you via the ticket shortly.

Warm regards.