When buying gasoline and other stuff

It is a really good card and you can buy almost anything, see photos :framed_picture:

But you can not buy gasoline for the car.
I have tried many times to buy gasoline at gas stations on vending machines, but I gets rejected every time, wry?? :thinking:

Here in Denmark, you can only buy in that way.
I know elsewhere in the world, you can go to the gas station itself and pay, but you can not here in Denmark.

So the question is:
can Wirex get it made so we can buy gasoline for the car❓

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Hello @Define ,

I had that problem before with the old Visa card here in Spain.

I wasn’t able to pay for gas at Carrefour gas station with an ingenico POS system. Although I was able to pay for gas at other gas station.

Now with the new Master Card, I’m able to pay at
the Carrefourr gas station but if I were to pay at the after hours self service station with the ingenico POS it still not working.