When do I use a federation address to top up LTC within my Wirex account?

Dear reader,

I have LTC in EXODUS wallet and want it to transfer it to WIREX.

For sending LTC to Wirex I have to put the address for my LTC Account.

Which one do I have to use, the federation addres or the Stellar address?

I see also a memo number, where does that belong?

Looking forward to your answer.
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There should only be 1 address to send to in Wirex for LTC.

Litecoin Address

Thanks Draw2,
I gave it a try, using a small amount. :+1:

After recieving the cryptos, I tried to exchange them to another currency, but it didn’t pop up to be exchanged…???


Hey, no problem!

Do you mean once the LTC was received in Wirex you tried to convert it to something else?

Thanks Draw2, for your swift offer to help.

Problem solved… I was looking in the wrong ‘corner’


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