Where do you get your crypto news from?

Are you new to crypto? Do you sometimes struggle finding reputable sites to further your knowledge in this industry? We know it can be a pretty big minefield - navigating your way through all the sources, some more questionable than others. In order to avoid those that want to pump their own projects, or those that might be there to sell courses on how to "get rich quick with Crypto, we thought we could start a thread to get the Wirex community talking about where they get their crypto news from.

We can start with some of the ones our community managers check out:

Quantify Crypto
Altcoin Daily (on Youtube)

Of course, don’t forget to check out our Weekly Crpyto Corner article that comes out every Friday here on the forum, and the Newsworthy thread.

How about you? - Do you have a favourite site or youtube channel that you check non-stop? If yes, then share down below! We are all here to learn together :muscle:



Some of my favorite goto websites for news :newspaper: are:

I also do a search for Crypto or image Bitcoin on google news.

I also refer to the following image twitter links below for guidance and learning:

https://twitter.com/APompliano - Anthony Pompliano
https://twitter.com/michael_saylor - Michael Saylor
https://twitter.com/woonomic - Willy Woo
https://twitter.com/100trillionUSD - PlanB
https://twitter.com/danheld -Dan Held
https://twitter.com/WClementeIII - William Clemente III
https://twitter.com/PrestonPysh - Preston Pysh
https://twitter.com/billybambrough - Billy Bambrough

PS. I highly recomend CoinMarketCap learning section to continousy gain more knowledge about cryptocurrency:

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Very Useful, thanks for sharing @opmiami ! :grinning:

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My pleasure @ChienChien_Wirex :+1:

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Danke für die Infos, schön wäre es, wenn auf dem WIREX- Portal die Kursentwicklung der angebotenen Kryptowährungen angezeigt würden.

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Hallo @didi2020 :point_down: