Where do you see BTC heading by the end of the year?

We’re always curious to hear what people think when it comes to bitcoin.

So what’s your take, will we see BTC close this year with a big bang of fireworks or will it fizzle, picking up momentum again next year instead?

Hi. :slight_smile:

  • BTC has a great future - so does Wirex, and I like being a customer. But to be honest, you need to start paying interest to customers. I wanna stay with you guys, but I need to know that this is coming soon. Otherwise I think that I and a lot of your customers will turn to your competitors for that feature.
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I strongly believe that bitcoin has greater future and he is the mother of all digital currencies so I’m also convinced in wirex token, but the amount of negligence melted on wirex users are worrisome and Such like that are capable of tearing apart the efforts these themes put together to project this project . Wirex theme need to pay attention to their customers and save themselves good reputations and records . Customer Satisfactions play important role in mass adoption in cryptocurrencies and i Believe until this theme understand that only then there will be positive trend