Which companies are jumping on board the NFT train?

These days, it’s not unusual to open social media and see that your favourite celeb has become an NFT convert.

Influencers are one thing, but it’s also becoming increasingly common for brands to announce their support for the trend.

Which got us thinking – which companies have recently hopped aboard the NFT train? Let’s have a look at a few.

1. Instagram

Everyone’s favourite procrastination tool, Instagram, is now a firm believer in digital collectibles - which for a photo and video sharing app, does make a lot of sense.

The company says it’s now dedicated to supporting “creators and collectors in showcasing their NFTs”.

The project is currently in testing, with only a handful of US-based creators who can share NFTs they’ve bought or created.

2. Twitter

While we’re on the topic of social media – Twitter announced earlier in the year that it now allows the use of NFTs as profile pictures.

To display yours to all your followers, though, you have to be a Twitter Blue subscriber. Then you’ve simply got to connect your crypto wallet and upload it. Your NFT will be displayed in a hexagonal shape and will be clickable by viewers.

3. Coca Cola

Coca Cola entered the NFT space last summer, when it released a collection of animated, multi-sensory NFTs in a “loot box” to celebrate Friendship Day. All proceeds from the auction (US$575,883) went to Special Olympics International.

The infamous drink brand released four more Christmas edition NFTs in December 2021 as part of a “blind box” offering, i.e. you don’t know which collectible is yours until you’ve purchased it!

4. Pizza Hut

Last year, Pizza Hut had the clever idea of selling a range of exclusive pizza NFTs for no more than the cost of a mouthful of pizza.

1 Byte Favourties represented the world’s first non-fungible pizza and came in everyone’s favourite flavours (yes, Hawaiian included).

5. Ray-Ban

The world’s most famous sunglasses brand recently teamed up with digital artist Oliver Latta to create the first ever pair of NFT aviators.

The NFT was auctioned on OpenSea, with proceeds going to the Italian Art Trust.

6. Charmin

Yes, we mean the toilet roll brand. Charmin brought us the world’s first non-fungible toilet paper last year – and with all proceeds going to Direct Relief, we can’t even complain about it.

Each beautifully designed roll apparently comes with a physical display, so you can hang it in your bathroom with your real rolls.

Is there anyone who isn’t diving headfirst into the world of NFTs?! Have you come across any surprises lately? Let us know below!

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